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"Rainbow" - A name that speaks for itself: the vivid colors of this collection immediately catch the eye. The chromatic harmony of these creations is incomparable. The Rainbow collection conveys a message of joyful renewal, which is supported by the generous use of colorful semi-precious stones.


A few more exceptional features can be found in the line "Nouveau": precious yellow gold rings in a plain version or with diamond enhancements.


This collection represents the perfect balance between classic jewelry and avant-garde jewelry design. This combination results in iconic jewelry pieces that will never go out of style.


With its philosophical tone, Ego emphasizes the id. The individual should be appreciated by beauty, brightness and color. Each piece is made from the most exquisite natural gemstones and the most brilliant diamonds. 18-karat gold is thoughtfully sculpted to create objects that are bold in form and design.


Amethysts, citrines, diamonds and blue topaz of exceptional carat weight are masterfully cut and adorn the most brilliant gold formed into precious rings. It is no coincidence that this collection refers to one of the noblest arts, literature. "Letteratura in oro" and "Letteratura in oro 2" draw inspiration from the same environment in which they were created. De Lazzari-Oro Addosso is fortunate to work in a very special environment where art and history merge to produce extraordinary ideas. The brand's headquarters are located in the eighteenth-century palace of Counts Ballione Varigi and Terranova, where Garibaldi used to stay during his visits. The two collections exude elegance and sophistication, perfect for women who want to stand out.


Fresh, young and vibrant, the "BlossomPlus" collection is one of De Lazzari's latest creations. Inspired by the colors of flower blossoms in spring, this collection embodies the versatile and light side of the brand's soul. The combination of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires set in 18 karat gold makes this a precious and unforgettable collection.