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De Lazzari-Oro Addosso jewelry company was founded in Casale Monferrato in 1982.As an innovative and avant-garde firm, it was able to distinguish itself early on in a sector that has always strived for novelty and originality, without ever losing sight of the goldsmith tradition.

This historic company breathes a special atmosphere of harmony, memories, interpretations, successful intuitions, and most importantly, research and effort.This is the reason why the creations of De Lazzari-Oro Addosso are able to fascinate different generations.

The most iconic collections of the Maison were designed by Lina and Vittorio. Well-aware of the fact that the needs of the market were evolving, the company managed not only to indulge its wishes but also to create new ones it could fulfill.

From the 90s, jewelry became a consumer good as opposed to merely an asset. Therefore, customers all over the world began wishing for unique designer jewelry that could be worn every day and for every occasion.

This is where De Lazzari-Oro Addosso comes in. The new collection “Rainbow” is born, followed by “Temptations”, “Nouveau”, “Letteratura in Oro” and “Letteratura in Oro 2” and finally “Planetario” and “Spazio”.

The latest collections include “Luxury” and “Blossom Plus”. Success is not long in coming. So much so that the company decided to cross national borders and participate in numerous jewelry fairs around the world. The decision proves to be profitable and, as Lina says, “The sensibility for beauty knows no borders. If a piece of jewelry is appreciated in New York and Tokyo, one can rest assured that it will be popular everywhere.

I bought some bracelets for me and my daughter. The items are beautiful and perfect for gifting or treating yourself. Absolutely recommended

Anna Chiara Laurenti

I bought a ring from the Blossom Plus collection for my niece's birthday. She loves it and I will definitely buy again from De Lazzari - Oro Addosso

Maria Esposito

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The De Lazzari – Oro Addosso jewel is the result of the know-how of the best Italian goldsmiths. The know-how and the precious manual skills have been handed down from generation to generation to create elegant and timeless collections.

Our strengths are 3: Design, Manufacturing and Finishing
Design: our jewels come to life from an idea, drawn on paper and transformed into a three-dimensional image thanks to advanced 3D design software.
Manufacturing: expert hands follow the entire production process, leaving nothing to chance.
Finishing: Quality control is essential in our work. We take care of every detail from start to finish

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