De Lazzari - Oro addosso. An historic brand. A fervent tradition. Since 80’s, the roaming years, when De Lazzari – Oro Addosso jewels reached a big hit on the most relevant Italian magazines. A high-end jewellery “trend setter” who nowadays keeps the charming elegance of those “enchanting temptations”, a perfect harmony between ancient manufacturing and avant-garde design, in the name of Beauty that breathes endless fascination..  
  Now as then, a slogan lasts: “the Vogue of Oro Addosso”. Wearable jewels for any season. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets follow one another in a rainbow of colors, a perpetual motion of research and style innovation. De Lazzari – Oro Addosso is a funded brand, since more than 30 years, well-recognized by international clientele as one of the most famous label in prêt-à-porter and haute couture. A story of great passion , the one of Lina and Vittorio, evocative like feeling instilled every day in collections.  
  Winner of important competitions, builder of fashion trends, De Lazzari – Oro Addosso enhances jewel as soul of a woman wearing it since long time, in a flow of creative vitality. From geometry along abstract profiles, to willowy curves, jewellery collections tell the story of a suggestive and fascinating world. The prestige of an icon of fashion-jewellery, always shining in the hip boutiques of the world.